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Emergency Instructions for Supervisors

Dial x5000.

Give the Security Dispatcher the following information:

  • Nature of the emergency (fire, medical, crime, etc.)
  • Location (building, floor, room number, etc.)
  • Status of the victim(s), if any

The dispatcher will contact the appropriate agency to respond, and Security will bring the responding agency to the location.  

The supervisor must take control of the situation until relieved. Communicate clearly and calmly with everyone.  

  • Do not direct the emergency vehicles to your location unless the responders arrive before Security. 
  • Clear an entry area for the responding personnel.
  • Avoid exposure to dangerous material.
  • Insist that people not crowd the area of the emergency.
  • Task the people standing around with appropriate activities (moving furniture out of the path, etc.).
  • Respond to Security’s directions as well as to Safety and the responding agencies.
  • Assist as requested. 
  • Control the flow of information to the people in the area.
  • Do not make any statements regarding the emergency until you have been given specific instructions on what to say.
  • After the emergency is over, meet with your staff and other campus responders to evaluate what was done and to seek avenues for improvement. 
  • Encourage everyone on your staff to become certified in first aid and CPR.