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May 15, 2020 12:00 AM


Over the weekend, there were two separate and apparently unrelated break-ins on campus: items were stolen from multiple offices and a laboratory in the Gordon and Betty Moore Laboratory of Engineering, and an unsuccessful attempt was made to break into a room in George W. Downs Laboratory of Physics and Charles C. Lauritsen Laboratory of High Energy Physics. Nothing was taken from the room in Downs Lab.

Both of these incidents are currently under investigation by the Pasadena Police Department, in collaboration with Caltech Security. If you have any information about either incident, contact Caltech Security at (626) 395-5000 (or x5000).

In response, Campus Security has increased both foot and vehicle patrols around campus.

We ask for your help in making the campus as safe as possible. Please contact Security immediately to report any suspicious activity. Do not confront anyone on campus. Your safety is our primary concern. Items can be replaced, so DO NOT attempt to contact or confront anyone you suspect is engaging in suspicious or criminal activity.

It is important to remember the following tips for staying safe when on campus:

  • Do not prop open exterior doors.
  • Report individuals who "tailgate" or enter secure buildings and restricted areas without keys or the proper credentials by slipping in behind someone else.