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Timely Warning

Timely Warnings

Caltech will report to the campus community Clery-reportable crimes that are considered by Caltech to be an ongoing or continuing threat to students and employees.

Timely warnings are made to the Caltech community through Security Bulletins. Information is provided to the campus community in a manner that protects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals involved in the incident. Victims’ names and other identifying information are not disclosed.

Security Bulletins are promptly distributed to the entire Caltech community when crime patterns emerge and/or when the nature of an incident is such that the community needs to be informed of its occurrence to provide for a safer environment. The Security Bulletins include the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as information on how to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of a crime. Security Bulletins are distributed via e-mail, hard copy and posted to the Caltech Security web site. Extra patrols and additional personnel are utilized for Security when there is an apparent need. Anyone with information warranting a timely warning should report the circumstances to Security, by phone (626) 395-5000 or in person at the Security Dispatch center at 370 S. Holliston Avenue.