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All members of the campus community are encouraged to register your bike Campus Security. Officers periodically sweep of the campus and remove bicycles that have been left unattended for long periods of time. If the bike is registered, they will contact you prior to its removal. Additionally, if the bicycle is stolen, they will have information on file that may assist in its recovery. 

Use the Bicycle Registration Form to register your bike now.

For your personal safety, Security provides escorts to the campus community. An officer will accompany you to or from locations on or off campus. Security encourages you to make use of this service.

Call extension x4701 from on-campus phones or (626) 395-4701if you are at an off-campus property.

Members of the Caltech community who require a JPL badge for access to the lab must submit an application for the badge through the JPL Badging Office.

For information, call the JPL Help Line at (818) 354-5050.

In the event you are locked out of a Caltech facility such as your room, office, or lab, Security will assist you in gaining access during non-business hours. Please be advised that the security officer assisting you will request your Caltech identification and document the information prior to providing the requested assistance. If you have requested access to a building that has electronic access, the officer will verify that you have card access to the building prior to admitting you. Call x4701 for assistance.

During normal business hours, the building custodian provides access to offices and labs. Access to housing facilities is provided by the contacting the Housing Office at x6174.

Security provides 24-hour patrol service to the campus and off-campus facilities. Patrol is provided by a variety of methods including foot, bicycle, electric cart, and motor vehicle patrol. Additionally, officers are assigned to provide specific coverage to on-campus undergraduate housing and the Catalina apartment complex.

The officers assigned to patrol are there to provide security service for the entire Caltech community, its visitors, and guests. If you have a question or need assistance, please contact the officer.

If the situation is an emergency, call x5000 on campus or 395-5000 off campus.

Car won't start? Jumper cables are carried in the supervisor's patrol vehicle. Members of the Security staff will jump start you car for you.

Call x4701 for assistance.

Items found on campus should be turned into Security Dispatch Office located in the Holliston Parking Structure. Items turned into Security will be held for thirty days.